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A Great Birthday Celebration (not).

A trail ride through the Colorado Rockies amongst the changing aspens in September?

Heck, ya.  Count me in!  Don’t do it!  I repeat — DO NOT — go trail riding on a horse you haven’t ridden before!!  Dude told me his horse “wasn’t well trained” – but it was after she bucked me off!

I suffered a fall that could have killed me.  My pelvis had been fractured in three places!!  That horse tossed me off like a rag doll after only about 30 minutes.  CRAP!!




The orthopedist quickly reviewed my MRI, then put it down. He turned to me and stared me down, straight between the eyes. This was serious shit.

Throughout my adult life, I have had the misfortune of having experienced more than my fair share of consultations with orthopedic surgeons and this guy wasn’t effing around.

He looked me square in the eye and said, “You are one lucky lady”.  Even before he said it, I knew that I had been. Having been in healthcare sales and marketing for nearly 30 years, I knew physicians and particularly (unfortunately) orthopedic surgeons.  I knew about injuries and my ex had even suffered a pelvic fracture during the course of our marriage.  It was a sign to turn around and run…..

It could have been so much worse than it was. Although my pelvis was fractured in three places, there were no displacements (the breaks were all aligned properly). Not only was I lucky to have survived this injury, I had just passed another major milestone. I didn’t require surgical intervention.

I had already dodged some major bullets, but I also knew that recovery from this injury was going to be MAJ, as in ‘major’.

As the surgeon discussed my diagnosis and prognosis, I was struck with the reality of three months of recovery. I had just completed the Capstone for my master’s degree and I was just starting to interview. Without a job in hand, not only were there no paychecks but there was no opportunity for short-term disability.

Not only is healthcare not covered in the U.S., our citizens are shouldering more and more of the expensive costs associated with medical care.  In fact, cost of medical care is the most common reason that many Americans declare bankrupcy.

So while I rested by busted butt in bed for eight weeks, I explored many ways of making a buck from your bedroom.  I have only explored maybe half of the ideas that I have considered.  Many of which were designed as short-term fixes for the financial crunch we found ourselves in.

At my age, it is rare that life circumstances provide you a huge block of time for you to focus on your priorities.  Going into this recovery I had to find a silver lining.  In order to maintain my sanity, I had to look at this recovery as a gift of time.  Keeping busy was part of the incentive because Lord knows you can lose your mind when you’re world shrinks to the size of your home.

I developed several long-term goals.

This blog is the result of this unanticipated block of time.

In keeping with the opportunity theme, I reached out to some pretty crazy (but totally exciting) opportunities.There was a lot to be thankful for. I had survived it and had avoided surgical intervention. But three months at home and two of those in bed?  I knew I wanted to share my experience, how to seize opportunities that may be disguised as rotten luck.

I plan on sharing my thoughts about life, my experience in healthcare and my journey back to health.  Care to join me?

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Ten Awesome Things About ObamaCare

1. 17.6 million Americans now have health insurance because of ObamaCare, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

2. The ACA made it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for preexisting conditions, a mainstay in coverage prior to the legislation.

3. ObamaCare enabled children to remain on their parents’ policies until age 26.

4. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, the overwhelming majority of individual health plans routinely charged women as much as 80 percent more for health insurance than men.

5. The law assures all women guaranteed prenatal, childbirth and newborn coverage.

6. Coverage of preventative services was mandated.

7. ObamaCare’s preventive care benefits required making contraceptives available at no cost to the patient, overturning insurance companies’ refusal to reimburse for them.

8. The ACA has helped in reducing costs. The rate of health care inflation has been lower since enactment of the legislation. In fact, according to a new study by the Urban Institute and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, recently reported that the ACA will save will help save Americans trillions between 2014 and 2019.

9. Over time, Medicare’s ‘Donut Hole’ will be completely eliminated. For those unfamiliar with Medicare, it’s a cap on payments for prescription drugs.

10. And if you’re like me, you think it’s about time wealthy Americans pay their fare share. ObamaCare includes a ‘Cadillac tax’, a 40% excise tax on high-value employer-based health benefits above a certain limit. These sorts of perks are offered to top corporate executives who clearly need the perk less than the rest of us.

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